wagrainer hühnerdorf

THE Wagrainer Hühnerdorf

Steinbach has been managed organically since 1994

Steinbachhof lies at the foot of the sunny Weberlandl in a slightly sloping position. The farm is a beautiful ensemble of a traditional farmhouse and stable building with a barn and a new house and stables for the large chicken yard with a planted run.

On the farm there are laying hens, ducks and geese, a family of Bennett wallabies and the clever border collie as the courtyard dog. 


In 2005, Brigitte and Rudi Weichselbraun decided to specialise in organic free-range laying hens - and the Wagrainer Hühnerdorf has existed since then.

The 2,000 hens at Steinbach live in a modern, spacious, species-appropriate stable and lay around 1,800 eggs every day in their special spelt husk nests.

The hens have the freedom to organise their days themselves, be it in the light, airy stable, where they lay eggs, eat and sleep, in the 300 m² winter garden or on the meadow, where each hen has 10 m² at its disposal.

If you purchase an organic free-range egg from the Wagrainer Hühnerdorf, you are not only supporting animal welfare, but also buying a piece of regionality from Salzburg.


In the Weichselbraun family the tasks are distributed as follows
Daughter Johanna is the future chicken farmer, takes care of the welfare of the animals and collects and sorts the eggs. She also works as a freelance decorator and florist. Daughter Elisabeth takes care of the packaging and distribution of the eggs.
Brigitte Weichselbraun - Full-time farmer, is a passionate vegetable gardener. Your farmer's garden with flowering shrubs, vegetable and herb beds are as beautiful to look at as they are productive. Rudi Weichselbraun is an excavator driver as a job on the side and a sought-after machine operator with his tools.


Wagrainer Hühnerdorf KG
Weberlandl 19b, 5602 Wagrain
Tel. +43 (664) 53 30 489