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Hirschleiten in kleinarl

Organic farm and dairy workshop

This, Hirschleiten, the organic farm of the Schaidreiter family, is enthroned above Kleinarl - the unobstructed view over the village and the surrounding mountains is breathtaking. In Salzburg, the term Leiten stands for very steep slopes. Hirschleiten more than lives up to its name: the entire area of this large mountain farm is a steep mountain slope. The meadows can only be cultivated using special equipment and by hand. Hirschleiten has been an organic farm since 1994. Until recently, the farm was run as a supplementary enterprise. Toni Schaidreiter is a pillar in the team of the mountain railways in Kleinarl.


mountain farmers kleinarl with cows

Full-time mountain farmer and cheesemaker

Young farmer Markus Schaidreiter is co-founder of Bio aus dem Tal and, together with his organic farmer colleagues, set up the dairy workshop with farm shop at Hirschleiten. As a cheesemaker, he now has his workplace on the farm and processes and markets his own milk and that of the other organic farmers from the valley.



Durable dual-purpose cattle
The cattle breed Fleckvieh is kept at Hirschleiten. A robust, mountain-suitable dual-purpose breed with a striking white head and a good nature. All the milk is processed in the dairy workshop from Bio aus dem Tal on the farm. The organic meat of Fleckvieh that graze is beautifully marbled and particularly aromatic.



Markus Schaidreiter

Ployergasse 17

5603 Kleinarl

Tel: +43 660 7475133
Email: bauern@bioausdemtal.at