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My philosophy - sustainable management

Kitzsteingut high above Moadörfl in Wagrain is a mountain farm in zone 4. This means major difficulties for cultivation concerning the location and steepness of the property. The farm has a safe, paved driveway and the breathtaking view compensates for the hassle of everyday life. An all-terrain tractor for universal use in the cultivation of this mountainous region is Bernhard Maurer's motorised assistant.

From the Andes to the Alps
Optically and haptically cuddly animals, actually valuable farm animals, especially in the Alps. Alpacas are light-footed and mountainous, ideal for grazing on the steep slopes of the Kitzsteingut. Snow areas and cold winters are no handicap and so the herd grows from year to year.


Bernhard Maurer with his alpacas at the Kitzsteingut/Alpaka-Alm in Wagrain | © Bio aus dem Tal© Bio aus dem Tal

Versatile use and application
With the support of his sister Elisabeth, Bernhard offers hikes with the funny alpacas. After a short introduction, all the children can march with their alpaca on a lead, in rank and file and go on a hike with the group.

High-quality alpaca wool and wool products
The alpaca wool is washed on the farm and further processed into fine fleece with a carding machine. The alpaca fleece is used to make duvets, upholstery, knitting wool or felt products by hand. The hair of the alpaca wool is very fine, hollow inside and does not scratch - which is very advantageous for blankets, pillows and socks. Warm alpaca felt insoles and hand-knitted alpacas in the form of cuddly toys are popular souvenirs.


The farm is organically certified
This means that the meadows and pastures are cultivated according to the rules for organic farming. The animals and their products are in the process of being converted, i.e. the products still bear the "Regional aus dem Tal" seal for the time being.

In the interests of sustainability, the meat of alpacas will also be used and offered in the future. A herd cannot grow forever, young male animals and old animals, both mares and stallions, must be removed. The regional menus will therefore be enriched with alpaca meat and sausage products in the near future.


alpaca alpine pasture

On holiday - staying at Kitzsteingut
Although enthroned at Kitzsteingut would be a more appropriate term given the location. A large holiday apartment for up to six persons is offered to guests all year round as accommodation. The location of the apartment, with panoramic glazing and its facilities is very, very beautiful:

Since neither the word luxury nor throne is suitable for an organic farm, we want to go for the description: Dream apartment on an organic mountain farm with a charming and smart host.

Bernhard is a late-appointed farmer and currently lives alone at the Kitzsteingut. He has help from his family and friends. Cheerful and open as he is, he always connects with his guests and is an entertaining host.

Alpaka-Alm Kitzsteingut
Bernhard Maurer
Zollweg 21, 5602 Wagrain
Tel. +43 664 111 11 67

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