milchwerkstatt hirschleiten kleinarl


The dairy of the Bio aus dem Tal cooperation

Regional, handcrafted – but not retro or old-fashioned
A low, old hut on a green mountain pasture with a rugged mountain backdrop, cows milked by hand, a copper kettle in the front hut by an open fire, a cheese maker in leather trousers with a traditional Sepphut hat stirring the cheese curd, a girl by his side – this scenery of a romantic alpine pasture picture is a retro performance of modern milk processing. Such images are sometimes mistakenly used and misused by the food industry for advertising purposes. And if you have ever believed in it, you should say goodbye to it. Even in the smallest regional dairy, on a mountain farm like Hirschleiten, modern milk processing is a process that meets the highest hygienic standards

Best milk – modern workshop – solid craftsmanship
The sustainably high product quality is characterised by three pillars: Pillar I is the hardware – the dairy facility. The heart of the system is the cheese kettle with a filling volume of up to 1000 litres. Next to it stands the cheese press tub and the filling device – all in clean, shining stainless steel. One door further is the ripening cellar where our cheeses ripen slowly in an optimal climate – because good things take time.


markus and his cheese

Pillar II is the quality of the ingredients: Best organic milk from healthy cattle with generous exercise and many days of grazing.
However, all this can literally go down the drain if pillar III is not applied: The knowledge and experience of the cheesemaker. Supported by experienced cheesemakers and through repeated tastings with experienced colleagues, the technical expertise of the cheesemakers in the dairy workshop quickly reached a high, professional level. Markus Schaidreiter, Hirschleiten farmer and main cheesemaker for Bio aus dem Tal dairy products has turned his passion into his profession and supplies products for the highest quality demands from the dairy workshop.

High praise from cheese connoisseurs
At the regularly recurring tastings, the feedback, even from critical chefs, restaurateurs and established cheese lovers, is almost overwhelmingly positive. "The Bio-Bert plays in the league of the French Camemberts", "The Schnittige Kleinarler is my new favourite Jausenkäse".

Insiders call "3 Käse Hoch" the 3 bioniers. The "3 Käse Hoch" mascot thus has its counterpart and role models in real life. 


comic farmer with cheese