for locals and guests in Wagrain-Kleinarl

We see the Wagrain-Kleinarl valley as the organic valley in Salzburgerland, in which organic agriculture and tourism work closely together.

We see organic farmers and also hosts at the farms, who farm and maintain their farms with intact large families for generations.

We see a valley in which people treat nature and animals with respect and in which regional resources (soil, land, energy) are used optimally for the valley.

We see committed people who are proud to make their contribution to the implementation of the Bio-Tal project, whether as regional organic suppliers or as appreciative consumers and/or restaurateurs.

We see varied picture book farms where high-quality raw materials for the best organic foods are produced, which are traditionally handcrafted and professionally produced in a contemporary manner.

We see dairy farmers who also market the meat in the valley from their dual-purpose breeds. And we see the constant further development of the range of organic foods on offer: pigs, sheep, goat, chicken, eggs, pasta, fruit, berries, herbs, potatoes, cabbages, rye…

We see satisfied guests who value the environment of the valley known as Bio-Tal and are willing to pay a fair price for this added value and extra effort.