founder of milchwerkstatt

The 3 Bioniers from Kleinarl

want to go back to the agricultural roots

Three organic farmers and family farms in Kleinarl -
Schwabhof, Stockham and Hirschleiten -
joined forces in 2017 and in 2018 set up the dairy workshop, a  farm dairy at Hirschleiten at 1200 m above sea level. There, the organic milk from the Kleinarl Valley, a jewel of nature , is refined according to traditional recipes, with a love of rural craftsmanship and many fresh ideas, into high-quality organic products. The focus is on genuine taste, sustainability and a love of agriculture. The premium recipes therefore do not require any artificial additives such as flavours or preservatives – for a genuine, unadulterated taste. The brand for Bio aus dem Tal initially stood for the milk products of the three Bioniers and is now much more broadly positioned. Eggsbread and pastriesherbscold meats and much more now bear this regional organic label.

The 3 Bioniers from Kleinarl want to clearly position themselves as organic farmers who produce organic products by hand.
Together with other organic farmer colleagues from the Wagrain-Kleinarl Valley, they are sending a signal against the industrial organic-light products of the food chains. They want to be independent farmers and not economically dependent on the food industry and the large dairies.

The three pioneers and initiators of Bio aus dem Tal
want to get back to the roots of agriculture
Being self-determined farmers who produce valuable food and market it regionally - that's where they see their calling. They do not see themselves as suppliers to the food industry who dictate in terms of price and quantity. To supply regionally produced best food to the industry over long distances and then deliver cheap, industrial and standardised goods from all over the world to the valley has no future, is not sustainable and for them absurd.


comic farmer with cheese