brown cows from salzburg


Living values with clear targets

Sustainability is based on 3 pillars
Economic - Ecological - Social

The sustainability of Bio aus dem Tal products is an essential principle and value. 
The most important points here are economic sustainability, which ensures the survival of the business, creates new year-round jobs, boosts the regional economy, motivates the businesses in the valley to switch to organic farming and to participate in organic farming in the valley. 

Ecological sustainability means that products are transported as quickly as possible, that nature conservationanimal welfare and biodiversity are safeguarded as far as possible through economic activity (much has already been achieved through organic certification of farms), and that environmental pollution is kept to a minimum in the choice of processing, packaging materials, suppliers, etc. Social sustainability for Bio aus dem Tal concerns the appreciative and fair treatment of suppliers, customers, employees, etc. The non-homogenised milk and the claim to offer food fresh, and processed as little as possible are examples of health sustainability at Bio aus dem Tal.


In addition to the organic products produced in the valley, regional products are also offered. When products are purchased, care is taken to ensure that, in the best case scenario, they are available regionally in Bio Austria quality. If this is not possible, the regionality is divided as follows and in case of non-availability of organic products from the innermost circle, the radius is extended to the next largest regional circle. If the products are also not available there, the radius will be extended to the next largest circle.

If the products are not available in organic quality regionally, they can be sold under the name "Regional aus dem Tal".

Bio aus dem Tal wants to create products with added value. In addition to the aforementioned areas of sustainability and regionality, this also means that everyone has the opportunity to experience the production chain from grazing cows to cheese sandwiches, from pork to bacon in the valley. The high quality of agricultural products can be consumed locally.